We're all travelers here and we'd like to share some of the best products and services that we have experienced. If you have anything to share in this section please feel free to contact us so we can all learn from each other's experiences.

Read below for a list of references and recommendations.

Remember that in addition to mail forwarding and home base services, we now have our full-service campsites and guest room lodging available for rent, a vehicle insurance agent right on the premises and used RV sales.


Even if you are NOT yet a member you can now order RV supplies and parts through our web site gateway and save yourselves time and money!

Don't forget to check out these additional tips, which were long enough to warrant their own pages:

Medical Evacuation / Ambulance Service (MASA)

Much better than anyone else!
Don't commit to SkyMed, FMCA/MedEx, Good Sam EA Plus, or anyone else before you call or email us for details at 605/593-4496 or 888/872-0545 or MASA.DonHumes@GMail.com.

Vehicle Insurance

Simple...give us a call.  (605) 718-1234 and our in-house agent can give you a quote after looking at different providers.  After all...who would you rather do business with? Someone right here inside Americas Mailbox or some faceless person on a phone at a call center you'll probably never meet?

In order to give our members an accurate vehicle insurance quote, you must first fill out a detailed questionnaire. Ask to have this emailed to you, fill it out completely, and our staff can then give you the lowest available rates for your vehicles. Without the fully answered questionnaire they cannot give you a quote, since the insurance companies rate you on so many different factors.

Health Insurance:

If you are UNDER 65, we strongly recommend you check with one of these recommended agents BEFORE trying to call or even log on to the government web site. They have the most up-to-date information regarding the Affordable Health Care act, and your coverage costs are exactly the same whether or not you use a licensed insurance agent. If  you do not talk with an agent prior to this, there may be nothing we can do to help you as things must be handled in a very specific manner.

They can also handle those folks needing standard health insurance as well as Medicare supplements with nationwide coverage.

Michael Monson
Best Choice Independent Insurance Services 
PO Box 1958
Sioux Falls  SD  57101

Toll free 1-888-813-5802  or locally at 605-782-4642
website:  www.bestchoice-ins.com
email:  mike@bestchoice-ins.com
fax 605-221-5590

Craig, Chris or Clark Ericks
American Benefits Agency
429 Kansas City St. #6
Rapid City, SD 57701

website:  http://americanbenefitsagency.net
email:  ericks_craig@yahoo.com
fax 605-343-7150

Voter's Registration/Absentee Ballots

This information is available at:


Make sure to have Americas Mailbox put the blank voter's registration forms in your box so that the residential and mailing addresses are filled out correctly.

Concealed Carry Permits:

South Dakota and the Pennington County Sheriff do NOT require any classes or range time. Once you have obtained a South Dakota driver's license, you must spend 30 consecutive nights in Pennington County, and bring your Americas Campground/guest room receipt proving your stay to the sheriff's department.

They will charge you $10, do a background check, and issue you a temporary permit in about a week or two. Then a short time later, the Dept. of Public Safety (Highway Patrol) will send you a card that is good for 5 years (the same length of time your driver's license is good for).

Of course Americas Campground and Lodging can provide you with a campsite or guest room for the required stay. When you make a reservation, plan on getting your driver's license at the start of the 30-day stay, then enjoy sightseeing in the Black Hills, and on the 31st day obtain your concealed carry permit.

To determine the 30 day requirement, the Sheriff's Office will compare the date that is on your receipt for the campground or hotel as well as your drivers license. They might give you a grace period on the drivers license for a few days but that's it. Don't put off getting the drivers license very long or until the very end.

For information on the new enhanced concealed carry permit ($100 fee), please review the state's web site:


To purchase firearms, you must usually find an individual range, pawn shop or gun show to have someone willing to sell you any type of gun or rifle. When we last checked ourselves with the ATF, we were told that most of the chain store managements have decided not to sell to anyone with a PMB address, even though it is your legal address shown on your South Dakota driver's license. These stores will tell you they are complying with ATF regulations, but in fact they are simply reflecting the choice of that store's management.

All addresses of this type throughout the country have been flagged by these businesses, so there is no reason to try to change it in any way.

Complying with the Patriot Act:

When you become a member of Americas Mailbox, you will be given a legal address that is good for all purposes, including being on your driver's license.

What you may run across with some credit cards (and also banks and brokerage firms) is this part of the Patriot Act:

CIP (Customer Identification Program) rule (31 C.F.R. 103.121 (http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CFR-2010-title31-vol1/pdf/CFR-2010-title31-vol1-sec103-121.pdf)), which is the regulation implementing Section 326 of the USAPATRIOT Act that requires a financial institution to get the following customer information (bottom of page 480 from PDF above):

(1) Name;(2) Date of birth, for an individual;
(3) Address, which shall be:
(i) For an individual, a residential or business street address;
(ii) For an individual who does not have a residential or business street address, an Army Post Office (APO) or Fleet Post Office (FPO) box number, or the residential or business street address of next of kin or of another contact individual;  


All PMB addresses in the country have been flagged as non-residential for purposes of this program.


However, you simply give them the "sticks and bricks" street address of any friend, relative or contact individual of your choice and you will have no more problems. You must STRESS that YOUR mailing address at Americas Mailbox is the ONLY way to contact you. No mail or correspondence will ever be sent to your contact individual.

Fuel prices:

We all want the best prices for fuel. The best places I have found on the Internet to get the prices around the country are Gasbuddy.com and GasPriceWatch. Just click on the state you're interested in and zoom in down to just above street level. They really do a good job. You can even get prices broken out by diesel or gas by exploring the web site. I hope this helps save a few bucks for you.


Carol Hicks, IRS Enrolled Agent
Padgett Business Services, 1230 North Avenue, Suite 8
Spearfish, SD  57783
Office: 605.559.0416
or Fax: 866.201.4810
Accepting multi-year clients only


South Dakota wills:

Andrew Knutson
506 6th Street
Rapid City SD

When talking with Attorney Knutson, please tell him that you are referred to them by Don Humes at Americas Mailbox.


Trusts & Wills:

Ganz & Hauf
Las Vegas, NV
Toll free 855-380-1300

When talking with Ganz & Hauf, please tell them that you are referred to them by Don Humes at Americas Mailbox.


Finding free wifi (wireless internet) across the country:

www.jiwire.com/browse-hotspot-free-united-states-us.htm or www.wififreespot.com


Free permanent email account — Web-Based and forwarding

www.Gmail.com  We use it ourselves. In our opinion, it’s the best one out there.



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